So it’s certainly been and while since I last wrote a blog and I suppose that’s just a reflection on the ridiculously busy wedding season we have had this year! I am on my last day of my holiday which I desperately needed getting some quality time in with my beautiful little boy.. However, hats off to all u stay at home parent!s!….(I cannot wait to get back to work) !!!!!!! God I love him but …… I find it sooooo hard..!! I need another holiday… the terrible 2’s have certainly hit us…! 🤣🤣 

This years weddings have certainly taught us a few lessons and Team Paisley has grown soooo much! At the beginning of the year I took a huge decision to re-brand the the business. I had taken some advice from some of the industry creatives and women in business which I looked up to. I re-looked at where the business was going and came to the decision that yes, we needed a freshen up and a new look for next steps! We met up with a few different designers and web builders and after reviewing the designs put forward we fell in love with what “Colour Cubed” had to offer and I just knew we had to go with them!

So after having a complete re-design and a “new look” the summer hit us – and kind of took over! We had planned a re-brand photo shoot etc but unfortunately this had to be postponed to weather and venue issues. So this is something we have got in mind for the spring and going into next year. I am sure by then we will have a few more new members of the team and no doubt I will have new ideas which I will want to roll with!!!! 

Over the summer we have been really lucky to work with some fabulous photographers. The A M A Z I N G Katrina Bartlam; she photographed some beautiful images from a wedding back in June which we have used for some new literature and brochures, which our new marketing and logistics manager has designed and executed perfectly. We are now working on our corporate ones..!

I have been really focused on our next set of Secret Dining Events which are taking place for Halloween (the first Halloween we have done) and the Xmas dates. Which only means one thing……!!! Buying more cookery books to add to my addiction…🤣🤣 (I literally have thousands..! 😱). Some of the new books are flipping epic though and I cannot wait to try out some of our new ideas and recipes in our test kitchen.

I am particularly excited about Halloween.. we have some really exciting and scary ideas and cannot wait to dress up and theme our little space. The evening is based on the seven deadly sins and food scenes from favourite horror films….. and it looks like liver, fava beans and chianti will be on the menu (Silence of the Lambs!), as well as steak and chicken (Poltergeist), popping corn (Scream) and a few more scary additions too…..!!! 😱😱🤯🤯…!!

I can’t wait for these evenings.. 🤗🤗

Emma x