12 Plates of Christmas


Paisley Flour invites you to attend our Christmas Dining Experience! Our 12 Plates of Christmas is back! There will only be limited tickets available and our Secret Dining Club will be offered priority tickets!


Our Christmas Dining Event 

After the Christmas restrictions that were in place last year, everyone deserves to really indulge themselves this year, spend time with loved ones and have a wonderful time. It is our pleasure to host these spectacular events and bring a little sparkle at Christmas time!


What is it?

A 12-course tasting menu, where you will experience a series of Xmas inspired dishes, and yes 12 different courses!!! Drinks will be served all evening and the atmosphere will be delightfully festive.


If you are interested in joining in with the celebrations this Christmas then use the links below to book your tickets! We have a very exclusive amount of available seats so make sure not to miss out!

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