This is me.

I started Paisley Flour in November 2012 after falling in love with the industry back in 2002 when I worked for Chef, Andy Minchin. Andy is now a huge part of my growing family empire and an invaluable asset to the team.

Since 2012, Paisley Flour has gone and continues to go from strength to strength which is a testament to the commitment and relentless effort put in by my hard working, dedicated and loyal Paisley Flour family.

My inspiration comes from working in busy kitchens and private luxury yachts all over the world. It was here my ever-growing passion for the love of food continued to thrive after experiencing the fine foods (and wine) that the Mediterranean had to offer. It’s also what encouraged me to take the leap and go it alone.

Paisley Flour has become my life. And after having my son Solomon, it only inspired me more to create a business which we both can be proud of. I absolutely love what I do and love Paisley Flour – you could only be part of this industry if you loved it… because my goodness it’s hard work! I am so excited about the future and looking forward to seeing how my Paisley Flour family and empire evolves.

The Paisley/Family

Here at Paisley Flour, we are a very tight-knit bunch having worked together for many years, and the success of the business is very much a team effort. We pride ourselves on being a really friendly and easy to approach gang meaning that from that very first contact with us right through to the event itself, you will feel assured that your event is in safe hands.


Admin Manager

Sam is our admin manager and keeps Emma in check with all her crazy ideas!



Andy Minchin is the clown of the bunch…always laughing and joking, yet motivating everyone with his constant enthusiasm and immense knowledge of food! He’s one of the most driven and focused people I know and takes his passion and love for the industry to the next level on every single occasion. Our paths initially crossed when he started training me as a chef and now he’s a massive part of the Paisley Flour Team and great friend.


The Pizza Trailer

Our mobile pizza oven nicknamed Priscilla The Pizza Trailer is the latest addition to our Paisley Flour family.

Our new ‘fiery’ friend delivers delicious rustic style pizza wherever she goes.


The fridge

Freddy the trusted fridge van is responsible for keeping our locally sourced produce fresh when on the road. Hopefully, he can keep his ‘cool’ under the pressure.


the mercedes sprinter

Mary was our first valued member of the team back in 2014, she’s our trusty work horse and is the backbones to all of our events.

Tom & Mario


Tom & Mario moved to the UK around 20 years ago where working at the Elm’s Abberley, they worked themselves up to Sous Chef & Head Chef whilst continuing to work alongside Emma in other ventures at the same time.

Tom & Mario opened their own restaurant in 2011, then closing in 2018 to both become firm members of the Paisley Flour family.