So it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote a blog, something I was hoping to do every week…well that was my plan anyway! Sometimes I find balancing life can be tricky, being a single mum, growing and running my business and of course like all of us women, try to keep fit… eat healthily, and attempting to add in some me-time…Well the latter definitely doesn’t come into play too much these days as wedding season is well and truly hit us!

So again, as I’m marching my chocolate lab “Izzy” around the forest whilst my little boy is enjoying some quality time with his dad. I’m trying to wrap my head around this weeks mental weekend. When walking I do like to chat and get stuff out of my system. So when I’m on my own on a very overcast Tuesday evening my mind just drifts off and I need to get it out so I thought I might as well write it down on my phone and share it with u. (At least then I don’t feel like I’m wasting any time) maybe I should be taking in the beauty of the trees and listening to the birds …perhaps for 5 mins, before I end up thinking work again! I enjoy my own headspace occasionally, it gives me time and think about all the crazy ideas I have for my future, and how I can convince the team I’m not mad! 😉

This weekend we have 2 weddings, a drop off buffet and a vintage steam rally!! So pretty much an average weekend at the moment.

Chefs have the day off today and I’m trying to organise the team! Placing everyone on the right job for them is a challenge in itself!.. trying to keep them all happy is another haha!! I try to treat my staff as I believe I would like to be treated. It’s difficult sometimes to keep friendship and management separate. If u knew me you would know my heart rules my head ..! I mean this might sound a bit “whatever” but I look and think of the team we have at paisley as my family. I have worked and grown up with these people throughout my entire catering life. I have learnt so much from them all and crikey we have had some tough times. We have thrown knives at each other, explicit arguments, crying and upsets, walkouts and tantrums, cuddles and heartache, but all comes down to the passion we have for our love of creativity of food and the people we create it for! So all of this to me just reflects any family life. The catering and hospitality industry is renowned for its brutal and relentless workload. We spend an incredible amount of time with each other. We can clock up about 40/45 hours in just 2.5 days over the weekend. Now that’s without any Mon-Fri work. We will of course love, argue, and annoy the hell out of each other a lot, like any family! We all do things differently, my way, his way, her way, we all have our little special touches, which is what makes us work. Now that Solomon is getting a little older and more aware. I have started bringing him in work sometimes. He adores it especially when he gets fed homemade cookies and chocolates…! 🙄 so he is well and truly part of our Paisley Family.

I knew I would ramble on ….!!

So back to the weekend..! 2 weddings. Whose idea was that?!?! Well thanks to my awesome team we will be able to deliver this no problem. I am very excited as we have some amazing food to showcase and share with you all. Picnic baskets, street food and some lovely venues…!!!

We are currently working with “Mockingbird” and having a Paisley Flour video made for our website!

As I’m sure u are aware, we have recently “rebranded” (which is another blog!!) so the amazing guys, Ross & Ben at Mockingbird are creating us a fabulous video throughout the summer showcasing some of our most special events. (So better get on this healthy eating/marching through the forest!!!) I can’t wait to share this with you.

I am absolutely loving what we do at the minute and the business seems to be going on the most incredible journey…!! It is so exciting and makes me feel soooo good!!!!! I am immensely proud of our team and the way we all work together. Even though on a Monday morning meeting day I’m a little waspy… and I get slightly ratty over the little things!!!

I’ve always been the type of person that gets stuck outside in the rainstorm – without a coat. It might take me a few hours to dry off after the sun has come out, but I do, even if I have still got soggy feet because I’m still stood in the puddle. That kind of sums me up.

However these days I do seem to be drying off a little quicker.

Emma x